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Are you frustrated with a garage door that is not opening properly or one that has begun to make a lot of noise? If so, it may be time to hire a professional repairer to take a look. Poor garage door installation or accidents may result in mechanical failure, but even the most well-made garage doors over time can suffer from everyday wear and tear and end up needing maintenance work. If you’re ready to fix your malfunctioning door, Filip’s Garage Doors offers professional servicing with free quotes in and around Goolwa on all garage door repairs.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Not Work

Nearly every homeowner with a garage has experienced that frustrating moment where the garage door refuses to open or close. If your door will not shut, it could pose a significant security risk for your home and could also lead to an uncomfortable situation for your family during the blistering summer months if vehicles must remain out in the sun. While there are many potential reasons for why garage doors in Goolwa may break down, the three most likely culprits are worn springs or cables, or a misaligned photo eye.

Most types of garage doors feature springs which help to lift and lower the door. When it comes to springs, the right amount of tension is essential to ensure that the door can function properly. Over time, even with regular use, your garage door springs may lose their tension. Unless fixed promptly, this could cause the garage door to stop working altogether. Similarly, garage door cables can become worn or even snap over time. Should this occur, you will likely need to replace both the cables and the springs.

Many garage doors feature a photo eye as a safety feature, which prevents the door from closing if there is something in the way. If this photo-eye is blocked or knocked out of alignment, however, it may impede the door from shutting properly.

We Fix Garage Doors in Goolwa Fast

Have you tried fixing your garage door issues yourself and gotten nowhere? We can take on all tough garage door repairs throughout Goolwa!

If you suspect that there may be something wrong with your garage door, be sure to give Filip’s Garage Doors a call so we can offer you a free personalized quote on the repair job. Whether you have a panel lift door or a tilt door, no matter what brand, we can get the job done right. We will also take into consideration your home’s location, your space available, and any other concerns you may have.

Even if your garage door is working fine, we can offer improvements which may make your life easier, such as door automation for easy access. We can add motors to existing doors or install new ones to improve your home’s street appeal.

Filip’s Garage Doors is a trusted service provider for all Goolwa garage door repairs and beyond. We offer quality, professional service throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula, all the way to the suburbs of Adelaide. With our fully licensed service, you can rest assured that all work we complete at your home will be done to the highest standard.

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